Robbery prevention

More prevention - fewer robberies

How do I and my team prevent a robbery? AIVA!

If it happens anyway - scare second concept

Scare second concept, because the initial shock remains, but then we act according to plan and control our stress patterns. Through training, the robbery becomes an acute emergency, but not a life crisis. This is the best trauma prevention.

After the robbery - post-processing

The perpetrator is gone, now what?

Which training would you like?

In addition to our classic "Prevention and behavior in the event of robbery", we offer various special training courses for robbery attacks:

"Security First" for employees and key trainers who are unable to hand over valuables

"Tiger Kidnapping" for management and executives

"Robbery prevention in the transportation of valuables" on foot and in vehicles

Education request

Number of participants
Age range of participants

Unfortunately, we cannot offer mixed courses as the course material is adapted to the age.